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Friends Help Friends Increase Conversions

Unbounce’s new ebook on Attention-Driven Design taught me how designing pages with “visual simplicity” can help increase attention, engagement and conversions.

What I Learned:

How Horror Vacui causes marketers to build lousy experiences that tire people out

How psychology and interaction design can help us increase attention

How to design pages with perfect attention ratios (and when to bend the rules)

What John & Yoko can teach you about conversion-centered design, and why squirrels are jerks (seriously, they are)

Want a preview of what you'll get in the ebook?
 Flip through the 23 principles of Attention-Driven Design.

About The Author

Founder Susan Burton has seen more school communities than anyone on the planet. Susan is on a mission to build stronger school communities and make parent life easier.  Ideally school communities that run themselves.

A prolific blogger, she  writes about school leadership and community building in schools.  

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